Art of Reuse 

Take a field trip to Historic Rittenhouse Town in Fairmount Park | Wissahickon to make handmade paper, create your own handbound visual journal using found and reclaimed materials, and construct a portal to another dimension.

Hosted by Nicole Duprée of Ampersand Textile & Design

For more resources and information about where you can start refine your art of reuse, here are a few places to start:

+ GRID - 
Circular economy section!

+ Art Materials :
Rabbit Recycling
Resource Exchange

Fab Scrap

+ Trash Academy

Avocado Love

A season of adoring and exploring the avocado. Dye paper for a love journal, extract pigment, make watercolor paint, mix up a healing balm and sew fiber art hearts at a Mt. Airy quilt shop.

Hosted by Nicole Duprée of Ampersand Textile & Design, featuring:
Janine Dupree of AIREA Soap Co.
Andrew Levitt
Jackie Nunery of Bird & Brush Art

Black Walnut

In this episode of Indigo in Green, we take a visit to Aunt Marjory in Germantown and say hello to her black walnut tree, make dye from the black walnut hulls, then create fabric for a Fibonacci quilt. Later join in on the ecoprint experiment fun and enjoy the last bits of the season with long shadows, listening for the sounds of the wind blowing through the trees.

Hosted by Nicole Duprée of Ampersand Textile & Design, featuring:
Michael Brook
Evelyn Duprée
Marjory Levitt
Maisie O'Brien
Kaitlin Pomerantz

The Peach Tree

This first episode of Indigo in Green is all about trees and a love letter to the natural colors of the peach tree. Join us to make printmaking ink from peach pits, play with peach bark ink, visit a peach tree at a West Philly community garden, meet maker friends for peach cobbler, and talk about the need for and plan for more trees in Philadelphia.

Special Guests:
Anita Brook-Dupree
Philly Rainbow Factory
Megan Webb: meganwebb.bigcartel.com

For more info on tree programs in Philadelphia here are a few places to start:


Philly Orchard Project