About Indigo in Green

Indigo in Green: An Educational Nature Art Series

At its core, Indigo in Green is a relaxing, educational, nature-based art series created to show pathways to deepening your connection with the natural world, yourself, and your community. Featuring detailed plant profiles, immersive field trips to Philly's lush green spaces, artsy mindful interludes, and nature-based art experiments led by local artists, we invite you to explore the wonders of the botanical world. Catch our latest adventures with natural materials on PhillyCAM or subscribe on YouTube.

Shop: Studio Apothecary & Supply

Rooted in nature and made by hand, the Indigo in Green Studio Apothecary is our online shop for handcrafted art and writing supplies made from plants and natural sources for creative wellness. Here, you'll find curated collections of supplies for drawing, writing, and documenting nature adventures. Each season, paired with an episode of the tv show, we feature field kits of handcrafted materials and creative wellness resources to inspire and support your creative evolution.

Nature-based Art Workshops

Get creative in our nature-based Art Workshops, Playshops, and Creative Learning Experiences. From weaving with botanically dyed yarn in the garden to creating sunprints from plant emulsion, our in-person workshops offer a hands-on approach to creative exploration. Paired with nature walks and explorations of green spaces, these workshops are an invitation to uncover the wonder of the botanical world. Learn more about offerings, upcoming events, and opportunities to bring creative workshops to your community at ampersandtextile.com/learn.